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周一遵守: Meditations on Peace and Reconciliation


momcrowd_abidingmonday2_300x215[1]在出现期间,我们经常听到这个词和平:“和平在地球上,对男人的善意。”“睡在天堂和平。”“他的法律是爱,他的福音是和平。”isaiah 9:6says,“对于孩子出生于我们,一个给我们的儿子。政府将在肩膀上休息。这些将是他的皇家头衔:精彩的顾问,强大的上帝,永恒的父亲,王子。“只是出生,耶稣为我们破碎的星球带来了平地。Hallelujah!

Someone asked me yesterday if I thought “peace on earth, and good will toward men” (on a global scale) was really possible for us to achieve. I pondered it for awhile and concluded that, no, it isn’t. Man is fallen. We are sinful beings. We can strive for it, but it won’t be here with any form of longevity until Jesus returns. We discussed how nations are at war, and nations are made up of broken communities formed by sinful people. Relationships are constantly being torn apart. The brokenness we have with others is what prevents peace from existing.


星期天早上,我脆弱地采取行动,如果她有兴趣和我一起出去,那就问了我的朋友。(我知道这听起来非常基础的友谊,但我们还没有这样做过8个月!)她非常愉快地回应。I don’t know if the Spirit will lead me to share what prompted my actions (I’m fine either way), but I am glad that this Advent, I will be celebrating Christ’s birth with a very personal thankfulness for His supreme example of reconciliation.

I hope that you, too, will experience Advent in a personal, redemptive way this year. Have a wonderful week.

周一遵守: Purpose

by Dawn on December 7, 2009

momcrowd_abidingmonday2_300x215[1]It’s in Christ that we find out who we are and what we are living for. Long before we first heard of Christ and got our hopes up, he had his eye on us, had designs on us for glorious living, part of the overall purpose he is working out in everything and everyone.以弗所书1:11-12(MSG)

What great hope this verse gives us! Have you ever felt like your days just blended together and nothing stood out as being awesome or even remarkable? I was discussing this idea with my Sunday school friends yesterday and I heard myself saying, “Time seems to go by fast when we let life live us rather than us living purposeful lives.” (Wow, that’s deep for me!) I am a wife, mom, friend, daughter, and many other roles – but my biggest role is often forgotten: I’m a child of God. Paul tells us in these verses that we are designed with a purpose – and for a glorious life!

我认为我的日常是日常的目的是非常适合我的。但最近我想知道上帝是否呼唤我以适应另一个角色。它仍然处于如此含糊的状态,我甚至不能在这里表达它。但我可以告诉你这件事:我同时吓坏了,很高兴我在这一生的意义是不断发展的,因为我变老了。我经常把自己放在时间表中 - 我认为事情应该在我的生活中发挥作用 - 我正在努力阻止这一点,并让上帝对我说话的目的是他为我锻炼的目的。(至于“感觉吓坏了”部分,我正在努力。我讨论过斗争恐惧之前和你在一起 - 我试图把它付诸实践。)

我本周与你分享这个鼓励。12月是一个忙碌的时光,但我决心在其他一切吵着的一切中听到上帝。Rick Warren说:“这需要远见并计划以目的而过生活。”我正在向上帝带来具体问题,我要求获得他的具体答案。我紧紧抓住诗篇143:10每天:“教我要做你的意志,因为你是我的上帝。愿你的亲切精神引导我在坚定的基础上。“


周一遵守: The Advent Season Begins


momcrowd_abidingmonday2_300x215[1]“Can anything separate us from Christ’s love? Does it mean he no longer loves us if we have trouble or calamity, or are persecuted, or are hungry or cold or in danger or threatened with death? (Even the Scriptures say, “For your sake we are killed every day; we are being slaughtered like sheep.”) No, despite all these things, overwhelming victory is ours through Christ, who loved us. And I am convinced that nothing can ever separate us from his love. Death can’t, and life can’t. The angels can’t, and the demons can’t. Our fears for today, our worries about tomorrow, and even the powers of hell can’t keep God’s love away. Whether we are high above the sky or in the deepest ocean, nothing in all creation will ever be able to separate us from the love of God that is revealed in Christ Jesus our Lord.” Romans 8: 35-39 (NLT)

We spent some time in the above passage in my Sunday school class yesterday, kicking of a 3-week series on圣诞节的目的。我让每个人都花了一些时间反思上面的惊人的话语,并分享个人困扰着他们的短语。响应变化而美丽,我也分享了自己的:重复使用“单独”这个词。


So seeing the word “separate” in the passage from Romans has all new meaning, because of the words that precede it: “nothing can”! We are stuck to God like glue. In the words of a guy in my Sunday school class, God is like this loving, ever-present bodyguard. That is certainly a nice picture to have in mind when facing the trials of another day – and a great reason to begin celebrating Advent.

I like to think of God not just as a bodyguard, but a gentle giant, one who is completely interested in everything I think and do. Donald Miller describes it like this (in his excellent, must-read book,蓝色像爵士乐一样):


这个耶稣,我们在Christm庆祝as. May your Advent season be shaped and colored by the thought that He is your friend, and His love never fails. Have a great week, Mom Crowd!

周一遵守: Are You in a Funk?

by Dawn on November 9, 2009


这发生在我之前,我知道它会再次发生。也许你也去过那里。只是在一个恐惧中。我知道我不得不抢出它。真的只有一种方法可以做到这一点:制造choiceto snap out of it.

For me, spending time with Jesus on a consistent basis is the cure. Once a week isn’t gonna cut it. Not even two or three times (though that is certainly better than nothing). I know I am at my best – my most patient, my most humble, my most pleasant, and the most joyful – when I keep my nose in scripture and my prayers consistent.

I clawed my way out of the funk using a passage that leapt out at me from Galatians:



  • 经过节俭7:“我的选择忽视你只获得了一生的浅壳。我渴望活泼,令人难忘的时刻和古斯托的生活。当我开始取悦自己时,我只会遇到至少最低限度。“
  • 经过第8节:“Thankfully, I am not seeing literal death or decay, but the metaphorical kind is pretty serious, too. I see the death of my personal optimism, peace, and day-to-day strength. I definitely need those things throughout the tasks and callings of my life – and I lose them when I forfeit time with You, Jesus.”
  • 经过第9节:“当然,疲惫就是我的感受 - 厌倦了我作为妻子的责任,妈妈,一个女儿,一个朋友,一个教会师。和沮丧这么容易。放弃总是一个诱惑 - 以及做最小的最小值。“
  • “这就像我一直”打电话“。我不想成为'电话内部'。我想取悦精神并获得收获的祝福。我认为第一步 - 先choice– is to spend time with You, Jesus. Help me do that daily, even just for 10 minutes at a time.”


周一遵守: Unchanging


momcrowd_abidingmonday2_300x215[1]“耶稣基督昨天,今天和永远是相同的。”Hebrews 13:8



  • 松散的硬币
  • 秋天,树木,颜色,叶子
  • moving yet again
  • 成长
  • growing better
  • growing older
  • 生长更聪明
  • 染发剂
  • 明亮的红头发如在布达佩斯的地铁上看到的,匈牙利(你必须在那里)
  • 改变主意
  • changing seasons
  • 不断变化的口味
  • 地址变更
  • 押韵,奇怪
  • 厌倦了吗?
  • change it up a little!
  • f
  • unreliable

我一般都喜欢改变。我喜欢重新排列家具,从一个季节到下一个季节的过渡(Hallelujah for秋天!),在一段时间后的某个地方移动。我也斗争变化。每当一个新的事情发生时,旧的东西消失了。曾经至关重要的模式让往达新的例行和责任。这是生活的循环,真的。我都喜欢它,完全不堪重负它。

这个来自希伯来书的简单而强大的诗句真的让我在巨大变化时完成。新工作。新婴儿。新地址。当我周围的一切都在变化时,当关系得到测试时,它是一个令人难以置信的鼓励,反思那个没有改变的人:耶稣。他完全可靠,完全可靠,奇妙那里。All the time.

In my times of struggle and uncertainty, I find myself worshipping God with one song over all others: “不变“由Chris Tomlin。所有的歌词都庆祝上帝的一致性和奇迹,他们建立了这个简单的桥梁:“你是,你是,你永远都是......”什么舒适!

主,我们感谢你如何保持consistent in our lives – you are ever faithful, and you never fail! As we are tossed by the ebb and flow of our own doubts and uncertainties, our struggles and fears, please whisper your promises to us and help us see your goodness this week. Amen.

Did you do the writing prompt? Share your list in the comments! What about God’s unchanging nature captures you? And as a bonus, here’s a video of Tomlin leading a church in worship to this song. May it encourage you this week as it has so often encouraged me.

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