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You and Me + 3

When I met my husband, I was blown away. “He is perfect.” I told my mom. There are a couple of other things you need to know though. He is divorced, has 3 kids, and is 10 years older than me…I know. A lot to swallow especially coming from her 18 year old daughter. Needless to say, she was speechless and my dad was not happy at all.This guy was so perfect, I didn’t care at all. In fact, a week after meeting him I moved from Texas to Washington D.C. So I became insta-mom. FAST.


作为一个继母没有块蛋糕。我们很难rk. It is probably the most challenging thing I have ever experienced. I don’t think any woman ever dreams up a fairy tale of being a stepmom. The same goes for marriage. Nobody gets married with the intention of it ending in divorce. It has been almost 7 years since we met and here are some key points I have learned during my time so far as being a stepmom to 3 kids.

  • 把纪律留给他们的父亲。这很难学习和尊重。我永远不会成为他们的“妈妈”,我不应该试图成为。当我们第一次见面时,我会试图训练孩子们,结果是可笑的。你是谁训练我?我们刚见到你了!Believe me when I say this, Leave it to their dad! If something comes up where the kids need discipline, tell the dad and let him handle it. (At least in the beginning.) Once your relationship grows, the kids will learn to respect you and your rules.(more…)


For many moms, there comes a time when when choosing a day care is part of the parenting process. Whatever the reason, it is not an easy decision. It can be a very stressful time because you are choosing the place where your sweet child will spend the better part of many days. As a former infant/toddler, twos, and preschool teacher, I have found myself giving friends and family advice when they are on their quest to find the best center for their child. There are a few things I always stress when having this talk and I would like to share some of those things with you in this article.

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For example, an infant/toddler ratio is four babies to one teacher/caregiver. Two-year-old children have a legal ratio of one teacher to twelve students. Depending on your experience with children, you may or may not realize that these legal requirements are quite a bare minimum. Twelve two-year-olds are A LOT of two-year-olds! As are four infants to one caregiver. I am not claiming it is an impossible situation, but when you consider the type of care and attention your child gets when they are one-on-one with mom and dad, they are definitely going to get less personalized care when the ratio goes up.


Embracing Your Child’s Personality

by Michelle on March 25, 2013
类别:1 – 3 year (toddler),3 - 5年(学龄前儿童)

上周我在公园里和我的孩子,当我topped for a moment, I took a look at each of my children. My two-year old was climbing the rock wall, and my five-year old was playing quietly in the sand. It was at that moment, that I realized how different, yet, alike my children are.

girls dressed up

My first born is now five. She was a very quite baby, I could hold her and rock her all night long. She loved to cuddle, she was always so happy and content. She ate extremely well. Even at a very young age she always liked her vegetables.


As first time parents, we were in heaven. We thought that if this is what having kids was like, we got this in the bag. Fast forward five years, and she is now in Kindergarten, extremely independent, very competitive, excels in all her courses with school, and yet she still loves her quite time to read, play with her ponies, and even puts herself down for a nap.



by Tara on March 11, 2013
类别:1 – 3 year (toddler),3 - 5年(学龄前儿童)


homemade bowling

  • Water bottles and pop cans make wonderful musical instruments! For this activity, I like to use a variety of recycled bottles and cans of different shape and sizes. Then I add whatever dry food I have on hand, like beans, rice, pasta, peas etc. With a little duct tape ingenuity you can easily cover the holes in a can or secure a lid on a bottle. Now you have an array of musical shakers for some music and movement time with your toddler. Show your child how they work and then have fun, the sillier you are the better!
  • 我们都有几件衣服围着我们不能穿的衣服,不能捐赠。这些为自制豆袋制作完美的面料选择!是的,这将需要一些缝纫,但是当你看到你的孩子在折腾它们时,这是值得的。只需切出旧衣服的几个方块。将贴片折叠成两半,打印侧并缝制两个边缘。将织物右侧翻出来并用豆子填充袋子。缝起三边,现在你有一个豆包!游戏与此可以像扔在空中一样简单,试图抓住它们。您还可以从施工纸或报纸中切出形状并将它们放在地板上,然后要求孩子帮助您将袋子扔到不同的形状,现在我们也在学习形状!你可以像你或你的孩子一样多的游戏可以想象。
  • This is a super simple way to keep your child entertained and all you need is an old magazine. Start by clearing your play space of all other toys. Then rip about 20-30 pages and crumple them into balls. Now you have a ton of house-safe balls to throw all around the room. Put a box in the center of the room and try to make throw them inside. Throw them all around the room and see how fast your little one can get them all back in the box. After your child is tired of all that running, they will be happy to sit and shred the paper balls. They will be happy to crumple, tear, and taste until it is clean up time!



Finding the Right Cleats for Young Children

Finding the Right Cleats for Young Children


Tennis Shoes

Many kids choose a sport and lose interest after a few short games. This makes many parents skeptical because they don’t want to invest a lot of money into something the child may not enjoy doing. Luckily, kids can play the sport in tennis shoes until you decide that they are dedicated enough to invest a bit of money into the sport. You should purchase a pair of tennis shoes for them to use specifically for soccer, though. These shoes will get grass stains and dirty, so they shouldn’t use their good pair of tennis shoes for it.soccer

Turf Cleats

Soccer is a popular game throughout the world. In the past decade, the sport has越来越受欢迎within the states, and many young people are choosing this as the sport of choice over others.足球草皮夹板在传统的夹板和网球鞋之间有点杂交。底部没有尖头,在播放外面但对于幼儿来说,这是一个劣势,这通常是它们被允许使用的唯一夹板。


Classic Cleats

These cleats are used by the majority of soccer players around the world. They are cleats in every sense of the word. You will find prongs on the bottom of these shoes that help you get traction when running across the field. These classic soccer cleats make it easy to change directions quickly because the prongs dig into the ground.

It also makes playing in wet conditions a whole lot easier. If you were running around in turf cleats or tennis shoes, the lack of prongs on the bottom would leave you slipping and sliding all over the place.

If you’re worried that you child may not enjoy the sport, regardless of your encouragement, it’s wise to let them play a few seasons using tennis shoes. As young kids, you may find it safer for them to play in turf cleats until they reallylearn the gameto avoid injury from the prongs on the bottom of the classic cleats.

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