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Finding the Right Cleats for Young Children

Finding the Right Cleats for Young Children

每个人都知道孩子们迅速增长,右鞋是有助于保护他们的脚,而是让他们能够尽最大努力发挥自己的选择。这是一些提示keeping them safeand finding the right equipment.


Many kids choose a sport and lose interest after a few short games. This makes many parents skeptical because they don’t want to invest a lot of money into something the child may not enjoy doing. Luckily, kids can play the sport in tennis shoes until you decide that they are dedicated enough to invest a bit of money into the sport. You should purchase a pair of tennis shoes for them to use specifically for soccer, though. These shoes will get grass stains and dirty, so they shouldn’t use their good pair of tennis shoes for it.soccer


足球是世界各地的热门游戏。在过去十年中,这项运动有gained much popularitywithin the states, and many young people are choosing this as the sport of choice over others.Soccer turf cleatsare a bit of a hybrid between traditional cleats and tennis shoes. There are no prongs on the bottom, which brings a disadvantage when playing outside but for young children, this is often the only type of cleats they are allowed to use.

These cleats are specifically designed for playing indoor soccer on turf. Classic cleats are not allowed in this type of environment, so players must use turf cleats. They are more sturdy and not as bulky as tennis shoes, which means they’ll hold up longer. Plus, the lack of prongs on the bottom make them safer for younger children to play in.

Classic Cleats

These cleats are used by the majority of soccer players around the world. They are cleats in every sense of the word. You will find prongs on the bottom of these shoes that help you get traction when running across the field. These classic soccer cleats make it easy to change directions quickly because the prongs dig into the ground.


If you’re worried that you child may not enjoy the sport, regardless of your encouragement, it’s wise to let them play a few seasons using tennis shoes. As young kids, you may find it safer for them to play in turf cleats until they reallylearn the gameto avoid injury from the prongs on the bottom of the classic cleats.

How Much Sleep Does a Mom Need?

by Amanda on September 10, 2009
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ladysleepingI am incredibly protective of my children’s bedtime, but I don’t watch my own bed time at all. I have not gotten a good full night’s sleep in over six months. My breastfeeding 6-month-old boy is still waking up 2 to 3 times a night to nurse. Before that I was hugely pregnant and didn’t sleep well with all that kicking and heartburn. Sometimes I really believe that it is God’s grace that keeps me going. Many nights I only sleep about 6 hours.

It is incredibly tempting to stay up late after the kids go to bed. This is my time. I can watch what I want on television, hang with my husband, get online without interruptions, read, clean or go out with friends. I LOVE the night time!

I have also recently started training for a marathon. I have to get up around 6:15 a.m. and get my miles done first thing in the morning, because of the hot weather and our family’s schedule. My husband takes care of the kids when they wake up, but I still need to get back quickly. My baby boy needs to nurse and my husband has to get to work when I get back. I try to get bed early the night before a long run, but even then I find myself staying up reading a book.


也许我只能在一点睡眠中运作。我觉得很多妈妈做。我得到的睡眠量是我本周一直在想的东西。你怎么看?Can you function on little sleep? Do you notice a difference in your attitude if you do get better sleep? How much sleep do you really need to function well the next day?

Real Food for Mother and Baby: A Book Review

I should be drinking whole milk while I’m pregnant? And better than that is unpasteurized, raw milk?

I should stay away from a low-fat diet? Especially while I’m pregnant?

What is “carbage”?




What foods are good to introduce to my baby?


41wrrks-eal_sl500_aa240_I recently read Nina Planck’s bookReal Food: What to Eat and Whybased on the recommendation of a friend. Thanks Heather! She also recommended Planck’s next book,Real Food For Mother and Baby. When she told me that the book explains why mothers need more than iron and folic acid when they are pregnant and even trying to conceive a baby my interest was piqued.


所有这些问题我写了ab这本书地址ove. The first chapter is basically a summary of her first book Real Food. I highly recommend reading her first book to get more of the science and information behind her food recommendations. It is eye opening. Chapters 2 and 3 deal with pregnancy and nutrition during pregnancy. Chapter 4 covers breastfeeding. This chapter may make your eyes get as big as saucers in some parts but it is interesting all the same. She covers why breastmilk is best for baby, what she would do if she had trouble nursing her baby, how formula is made, some of the basics of getting baby to breastfeed and even some anthropological implications for why we have to nurse so often. Chapter 5 covers first foods for your baby. This chapter has seriously made me rethink how I want to introduce foods to any additional children we may have.

这本书和她的第一本书一起,让我重新考虑了我想要家人吃的那种食物。我真正欣赏她的方法的一件事是她认识到进食传统,真正的食物饮食可能昂贵。时间杂志刚刚有一篇文章,涵盖了草Fed牛肉的农场,农民和消费者的福利。这篇文章展示了购买不健康,工业食品的更便宜,而不是健康的传统食物。我们中的许多人都在严格的预算中,并且难以为每顿饭提供免费的鸡肉和草喂食。她鼓励人们明智地挑选并选择你能负担得起的最好的选择。找不到原料牛奶?然后买有机全牛奶。买不起有机?然后至少喝全牛奶。 She does recommend that we stay away from all foods that come with industrial indredients and not to fall prey to marketing schemes that tell us that processed foods are good for us.

When we get to England I am planning on implementing several things in the books I have been reading in the last few months about food. One thing I want to do is avoid ALL forms of industrial food: corn oil, high fructose corn syrup, soybean oil, white flours, processed grains, powdered skim milk…you get the idea. It seems almost impossible but I’d like to try it for at least a week and see how we do. I figure since we are moving to a different country it might be easier to stop buying some of our industrial food culprits.

Other books I’ve been reading on the topic of Real Food:



Real Food: What to Eat and Why



by Amelia on August 6, 2009
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The International Breastfeeding SymbolIn honor of World Breastfeeding Week, I wanted to highlight a book that offers hope, encouragement, and information that will help women overcome some of the devastating issues of low milk supply.

The Breastfeeding Mother’s Guide to Making More Milk by Diana West and Lisa Marasco一直是一本眼睛开放的书。作为母乳喂养时遭到低奶牛供应的人,而不是两次,而不是两次,我发现这本书在我读过它时非常有用。我听说过另一个出生老师。哦,我是怎么回事WISH在我们的第三个宝宝出生差不多两年前,我知道这本书!(这不是在6年前写的,当我的第一个出生时)我不知道我的所有母乳喂养问题都会得到解决,但它会向我提供一些和平,并回答了我的几个问题。我爱护理,对我来说,这是一个真正的斗争,我在母乳中喂养和维持我的婴儿。


This book is FAR more than a “just pump and you’ll increase your milk supply” solution to milk supply problems. It covers in detail ideas about how to make a plan for managing milk supply, preventing low milk supply, altervative treatments and possibilities for treating low milk supply. It is the only book I am aware of that was written specifically for women who have difficulties with milk supply. Each chapter has helpful information and things to consider when dealing with milk supply problems.


Have you ever heard of this book? Struggled with low milk supply? Scared to try again? Tell us your story!


by Amelia on July 30, 2009
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作为一个妈妈是伟大的,但几乎所有的感觉time for our men isn’t always easy. I have a wonderful friend, named Beth, who is pregnant with her third baby. She is due any day now and sent me a comical story that actually happened to her just a few days ago. I thought it was a humorous look at some of the things we do to make ourselves feel pretty. I asked her to be a guest writer for this week and share her story with us.

I’ve known Beth for over 10 years now. We lived together for two years in the late 90′s before my husband and I got married. Beth is an amazing woman. She is honest, loving, authentic, and the kind of person who makes you feel safe to open up to. Her children are fortunate to have such a great woman as a mother.

Here is a little about Beth:

妈妈和alinaMy name is Beth Hernandez. I live in San Antonio, TX with my husband and three children, ages 5 (son), 2 (daughter), and soon to be born son! In general, I am what many would consider an extreme extravert, though God seems to be balancing that more lately. Though my husband and I feel most at home when our house is filled with people and our schedule is busy, we have learned to set a few emotional boundaries to keep our health and relationships stable! By trade I am a secondary Math, Science, and English teacher. Currently I am a homemaker who tries to keep her toe in the broader Education field through tutoring and short term, very part time contracted teaching positions (like a summer program called Jumpstart through the University of Texas system or some private school affairs). I home school my oldest kids, which is great fun! I love to read and share what I’ve read with others. I enjoy writing, and I am learning to share that with others. My husband and I are an active part of our church community.

Confessions about being 9 months pregnant and waxing…

Some ideas are better left un-tried when one is 9 months pregnant. Case in point: waxing one’s belly. Background on this adventure may or may not be necessary, but just in case, when I was in my early and mid twenties, I thought it extremely important to have as little body hair as possible. The reason for this is that one never knew when one would meet the man of her dreams, and potentially run away to get married very spontaneously, or if one would find herself in the hospital stripped to her undies for some terrible surgery situation wishing all that hair wasn’t so thick and exposed. (By the way this is the same logic for wearing matching bra and underwear sets!) An added bonus for hair removal was that I was always prepared for spontaneous swimming situations (though I can’t recall if those ever really happened spontaneously).所以我在必要时从事痛苦的唤醒某些“比基尼”区域。我相信我对这个壮举进行了一个正式的过程,但目前露出我。

关于结婚的真相 - 即使一个人逃跑到泰浩湖,也是如此 - 最终是一个沉思的常规,亲爱的丈夫。在生孩子后尤其如此。现在请不要解释这不是我的丈夫最好的;我继续努力尽可能美丽。尽管如此,随着预算越来越紧,打蜡就像打蜡的东西让剃须刀为成本宗旨,并且有些日子使得额外的努力去除所有头发并不像花时间处理我年轻人的情感和精神需求那么重要孩子们,并积极地爱着我的丈夫,许多好方法。在我自己的丈夫的特定情况下,我也开始意识到,我的头发删除过程更加针对我的安全和自我形象而不是他的乐趣。

暴露了所有的,我今天来了。今天,我的第三个孩子怀孕39周,半月了。我的肚子比我谨慎地延伸得更远。我一直在讨论我腹部下部的头发,因为它在我的产妇上露出时,她上周跑到了我的2岁和半年的女儿。当她的脸颊摩擦对阵肚子时,她说这是“pokey”。I’m not sure that this “pokey” hair is terribly noticeable to the average adult, but small children “tell it like it is,” and I felt that shaving was just too dangerous a venture at this point (due to limited visibility and coordination—which may have been a good reason to forgo the waxing, as well). So when I went to Target today, to buy a few household items, I stopped in the beauty section to find some wax. I decided I owed this “indulgent luxury” to myself. It had been about 5 years since I subjected myself to the torture, and had clearly forgotten the painful process.

今晚,经过房子的每个人都睡着了,我从包装中取出了蜡和棍棒和方向。我仔细阅读了他们,注意到这并不完全正如我所记忆的那样,但事情发生了5年。我将蜡容器微针30秒,这应该会阻止我。我们的微波炉不喜欢某些物品(如黄油,显然是蜡)。我不得不逃离厨房,因为害怕我的生命,就像在15岁的怪物微波内部爆发的闪电螺母一样。When the timer beeped, I tiptoed back into the kitchen, carefully opened the door, and pulled out my wax. It seemed the right consistency, so I continued with the process.

Back in the bathroom, I set up a mirror on the toilet seat, so I could see the underside of my belly, and began applying the sticky goop in the direction of hair growth. My first mistake was probably spreading the wax on too thickly. My second mistake was leaving the box of fabric strips on the floor. When I leaned over to grab one, my belly stuck to my leg, the wax container fell to the floor, and the spreading stick began to drip all over the toilet seat. As I pulled my leg painfully off my belly, I began to laugh, realizing this is the stuff sitcoms are made of: images of “I love Lucy” and “Anne of Green Gables” dancing in my head. My dear husband sat up in bed at this point to see what on earth was causing me to make such a racket! He rolled his eyes when he saw me and lay back down probably wondering about his choice in women.

Determined, I continued in this venture. I stuck the fabric strips on my belly and pulled. OUCH…OUCH…OUCH! The great unfortunate point here was, again, mistake number one: I spread the wax on thickly. I succeeded in removing no hair but still subjecting my belly to deep pain. (Which by the way should have put me into labor, but I am under the firm suspicion that this baby is too wise to the outside world and has decided he’d rather spend his days warm, well fed, and safe in his current cramped quarters!) I tried again with new strips, only to realize that though I was raw, I still had hair because I had pulled the strips in the wrong direction! Here, wisdom entered my heart and I decided to give up this disastrous adventure.遗憾的是,误认为两次回来咬我。与织物条带一起,“舒缓的油”在盒子里的地板上。我无法告诉你终于从地板上拿下小瓶后有多少个地方。我可能会救了自己的麻烦。石油没有做出一大堆从我身体上移除所有粘性蜡(见错第一)。Between the failed waxing job and scrubbing frantically all over with soap and a scrubby after applying the oil, I am now raw and hairy and unsure of why we subject ourselves to such torture as women…I don’t think I’ll attempt waxing again, unless I can afford a professional and some REALLY GREAT WINE!

Thanks for reading my confession…I felt keeping it to myself would only be self indulgent.

-beth hernandez.


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