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In an attempt to motivate myself to get back in shape, I signed up for a 5K race which is equal to 3.1 miles. I had no idea how fun this accomplishment was going to be and strongly encourage you to try it. I decided about two months ago to run this race and I committed to run three times a week. I started off only running a mile at a time, and worked myself up to the full 3.1 miles. I charted how many miles I ran so I could look back and see how well I was doing and how much I was improving. I also got some great music for my Mp3 player to keep me from getting bored during the runs. Boredom is my greatest obstacle with running, however, frequently changing my music kept me from getting too bored.

跑步对我的心理健康和身体健康有很好。自从我开始跑步以来,我的牛仔裤有更多的能量,耐心和房间。作为父母,为我们的孩子设定良好的体育活动和锻炼是非常重要的。我很高兴我的孩子们在一个专注于身体活动的活动,希望我将在年龄较大的情况下模拟运动的重要性。运行5K种族是大多数人都可以达到的目标。3.1英里可能听起来很远的距离,一个人在一段时间(或永远)没有加上他们的跑步鞋,但你可能想到它并不难以努力。我很惊讶地看到各种各样的人运行5K种族。我期待每个人(除了我自己)是完美的形状。显然有很多经验丰富的跑步者,但也有许多人的各种形状和尺寸。有孩子与父母,妈妈和爸爸在慢跑者中推动他们的年轻孩子,一个人被一些朋友推进轮椅的人,另一个人用人工腿跑。 I was overwhelmed by knowing the sense of accomplishment so many of us had by running that race and proud of every single person on the course!

如果您想尝试5K种族(或10K,半马拉松或马拉松!),您可以在您所在地区的谷歌运行事件。如果您遇到困难的时间找到一个活动,请将终止到您的本地运行商店或健身房,并询问它们是否有您所在地区的运行事件列表。我发现了我的事件this site.


  • 招募一些朋友才能和你一起跑。这将使您有动力,任何经验都与某人与您分享的人更有趣!
  • Sign up early for the race! Most races do not offer refunds if you end up not showing up. By paying early, you will be less likely to flake out.
  • 在比赛前练习跑步机。在跑步机上跑步时,可以在跑步机上设置速度有点困难。下次,我会一定要在比赛日之前练习起步!
  • 带额外的马尾辫持有人。在我的练习过程中,我的马尾辫持有人习惯突破,我必须停下来试图在马尾辫架里打结,所以我可以把头发绑在一起。对于比赛来说,我在手腕上张贴了一个额外的马尾辫持有人,以防我在奔跑期间有我的马尾辫持有人炒作。
  • 走路没关系。我停下来喝水,我认为只有五秒钟的饮用水,我的水恢复了我的剩余种族!
  • 在线查找良好的(免费)培训日程表。我爱Hal Higdon’s 5-K Training Program.
  • 在比赛那天之前亲自查看课程。我们的课程被宣传为公寓,但它实际上是一些地区的丘陵。
  • 设定一个目标。我设立了一个目标,在30分钟内完成比赛。当我能够看到终点线时,我知道我不得不预订它来赚钱,我做了!我在29分钟内完成了5千克,40秒,很高兴见到我的目标!
  • 奖励你自己!比赛之后,我的朋友和我前往星巴克的一些社交和咖啡。给自己一个专业的拍手,不要害怕做一点点吹嘘。不是每个人都可以说他们已经运行了5千克,你应该为自己感到骄傲!


The Couch to 5K Training Plan

Hal Hidgon’s 5K Training Program

Training Tips for Your First 5K


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    I am so jealous of your running! I used to run 5-7 miles a day, but a horrible foot condition (for which I had a surgery in 2006) has slowed me to minimal walks with my son. Oh yeah, and being pregnant again has slowed me even more! I have to have another surgery on my foot after my son is born, but I can’t wait to be able to run again! I guess I will need to get a double jogger and just go for it in order to lose all of this baby weight asap!…Great tips!

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    March 5, 2008 @12:42 am


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    March 5, 2008 @8:57 am

    我不是跑步者,但爱快速行走/慢跑5k种族和福利。他们可以很有趣!即使我走过最后5k(在我的小孩出生之前),我仍然训练了。我强烈推荐它。它给你一个目标。知道我打字那样,McKenna - 谢谢你的帖子......我现在有一个目标;)

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    March 5, 2008 @9:33 am

    That was a fun 5-K! I am going to do the Race For the Cure if anyone wants to do that one with me it’s March 29th. You can also do the walk. I agree with McKenna and highly advise running on the road when training. Even if it’s just 1/2 mile at first. I have shin splints now because I didn’t train on anything but the treadmill! Training on both the treadmill and the road will be helpful. Thanks for the information McKenna.

  • 评论McKenna
    March 5, 2008 @上午9:43

    It must be mentioned that Kristi ran it with me and placed second in our category! She finished it in 25 minutes!! Not bad for her first 5K, huh? Kristi, I’ll check with my husband and see if we have anything going on. The downfall to this new addiction is the $20 race fee…but I think it’s a great thing to be added to our family budget.

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    March 5, 2008 @4:54 pm

    That is awesome Mckenna!! I am so jealous. I hate running. Typically I can only do about 25 mins on the treadmill and that is switching between walking and running. Great for you. Did Heidi run as well? I really miss you guys. Keep up the awesome work.

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    March 5, 2008 @晚上7:10

    你做得很好!你有动力让我再次回到跑步机上并再次在路上。现在让我们看看我的日程安排是否会让我这样做!;-)Way to go McKenna!!!

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    March 6, 2008 @早上7:25

    Hey McKenna! I enjoyed reading about your accomplishment; don’t you feel great?! I took up running 3 years ago, and it’s been the best therapy as a mom and wife. Do I see a 10K in your future?!!!

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    2008年3月7日@9:32 am

    @Sara – no, I didn’t run it (foot injury) so I signed up to walk a separate 1.5 mile SCENIC course to support McKenna. Our course was NOT scenic, and I walked the entire 3.1 mile running course. All the walkers were fooled! I hope to be injury free soon and run a 10k with McKenna and Kristi at some point. Yes, you girls will run a 10K!!!

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    March 10, 2008 @3:56 pm

    Congratulations on your first 5K race! I am training for my first 5K race too. The Couch to 5K program cannot be beat! I love it. I am doing something I never thought I could do.:)

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  • Gravatar July 22, 2008 @上午10:20

    [...] McKenna的第一个5K比赛[...]

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  • Gravatar 2009年7月5日@晚上10:32

    [...]on 5 and 10Ks (3.1 and 6.2 miles, respectively) from that point on. Right around that time, McKenna posted about running her own 5K race, and it was so fun and encouraging to read about her and other moms go for it. I kept at it, and [...]

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